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 Fifth Screen is at the forefront of a revolution in digital signage innovation. We offer the most powerful and advanced digital signage platforms in the region. Together with our diverse partner network, we deliver targeted, immersive and dynamic content creatively aligned with your interests and the interests of your customers. This gives you the unlimited creative potential to build an engaging, interactive multimedia experience that is completely unique to your needs.
powerful solution
No matter your project goals Fifth Screen can provide you a powerful and diverse network of partners and affiliated services like strategy, design, training, measurement, optimization and maintenance.
innovative team
Over 10 years of combined leadership experience in the digital signage industry combined with a diverse partner network comprised of industry leaders and innovators.
unlimited potential
Our incredible set of software and other products allow our clients to create scalable and unique digital signage solutions to fit any size, shape or configuration.
five steps to success
01. Strategy and Design
A strong digital signage strategy is essential for success, and because of that we will begin to work on a project long before displays are mounted. We take each of our clients’ unique challenges, needs, and requests into account to create a customized solution that will enable them to meet all of their goals. We apply years of industry knowledge to advise the best approach for creating the most effective digital experience.
02. Project Management
Our team of trained professionals will work to ensure a seamless process for integrating your digital signage system into your existing infrastructure. We offer complete support programs to cover all of the details whether you’re designing and building for a new location or just redesigning existing stores.
03. Training
Once your digital signage solution has been physically installed, Fifth Screen will provide structured training on how to make the best use of your new digital signage. This will give you the right tools and knowledge to manage all aspects of the digital signage experience. From basic functionality, content management and user controls to full integration with corporate IT infrastructure. Above all, our customer training is aimed at establishing a self-sustainable and independently monitored system.
04. Measurement and Optimization
Our team is committed to helping you get the most benefits and best results from your digital signage solution. We will continue to work with you by showing you how to setup reports that will enable you to measure for any parameters you need. Using our reporting tools provide the metrics necessary to continue enhancing the digital experience in a way that brings real return of investment.
05. Maintenance
Our support does not end once the physical install and initial calibrations are complete. We will continue to assist you with digital signage system maintenance when you need it. Whether you need remote support or on-site services, our team of experienced professionals will accommodate your company's needs and keep your system functionality seamless. You will not ever feel like you have nowhere to turn when you need your system adjusted, fixed or updated, Fifth Screen will stick with you long after your initial digital signage system has been fully installed.
data driven 
We always try to stay a step ahead of our competition, and using data in our smart digital signage solutions makes that happen. People use data to make decisions in every aspect in their lives. Every purchase, every chosen direction and every decision is based on information, and digital signage can play a crucial role in this. Using the right data corporations can anticipate consumer and employee needs and provide the right information at the right time. Using PADS4 platform and its smart logic rules, we use data and automate content that’s displayed in real time. This type of smart targeted content enables using data to drive actions.
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