Podgorica Airport
Type Transportation
Locations 1
Screens 22
 Year 2017

Podgorica Airport is the fastest growing airport in the region. To improve traveller communication Podgorica Airport was looking for a dynamic and reliable airport signage solution. It needed to meet all complex flight display requirements such as code share flights and gate changes.
In 2017, Fifth Screen was the first company who integrated NDS’s Smart Airport Signage solution by offering FIDS (Flight Information Display System) and PADS4 digital signage software to display flight information at the arrival/departure area, check-in counters, security area, gate area and baggage claim area. With different user permissions and from central location, they can quickly display crucial information that passangers need. With 25 displays strategically placed in these areas, passengers can quickly see where to check-in and if their flight will depart on-time. Any possible delay or gate change will become visible on those displays within seconds.